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Indonesian Humanitarian Institutions Prepare USD 1 Million to Help Myanmar

24 January 2017

RAKHINE STATE – To support the humanitarian aid mission of the Indonesian government to people in Rakhine State, Myanmar, Indonesian humanitarian institutions united as one in the Indonesian Alliance for Humanity (ALKI). ALKI members are MDMC, PKPU Human Initiative, LPBINU, Dompet Dhuafa, RZ, ACT, HFI, FOZ, DPU DT, BAZNAS, LAZ Wahdah Islamiah, Synergy Foundation, KRC and LMI. Along with the delegation of the Foreign Ministry, ALKI has got approval to make long-term program for people in Rakhine and Maungdaw. The latter is still closed for foreigners.

Alam Mahira School in Bengkulu Teachers Children to Care about Rohingya

1 December 2016

BENGKULU – Sharing for caring should be instilled since the early age to raise awareness of sharing with others. That is what students of Alam Mahira School learn, sharing with the unfortunate. Located at Alam Mahira School, donation for Rohingya was presented to PKPU on Tuesday (29/11).

PKPU Representative in Myanmar Realizes Concern for Humanity

22 November 2016

JAKARTA – About 30,000 Rohingya people have been displaced in northern Rakhine province, Myanmar since the military operation began October 9. More than 150,000 people need food aid. There are 3,000 children currently suffering from malnutrition have to stop treatment, and 30-50% of them are threatened to die. 42,000 people (37,000 of which are children) are threatened to suffer malnutrition.

PKPU Qurban Team Arrives in Africa

1 October 2014

(Indonesia) NAIROBI – Program Sebar Qurban PKPU dari tahun ke tahun semakin meningkat, baik dari sisi jumlah hewan qurban yang dikelola maupun daerah distribusinya. Tahun ini, program sebar qurban PKPU didistribusikan tidak hanya di dalam negeri namun juga ke sejumlah negara di dunia