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PKPU Pekanbaru Business Mentoring Strengthens Family’s Economy Defense

Monday, January 9th, 2017

PEKANBARU – PKPU held the 2nd Business Mentoring program on Monday, January 2, 2017. Carrying the theme “The Importance of Saving and Managing Family Income”, the event was held at Nur Hidayah Mosque in Badak Ujung, Hangtuah Ujung, Pekanbaru, Riau. It was held after 15 out of 20 people under guidance received fund of stage I from “PKPU Empowered Cluster” program.

The awareness of saving money among people, especially those under PKPU’s guidance, is still low. It is proven that out of 14 participants, only 2 people who save money once a month about Rp 100.000.

Therefore, through the 2nd Business Mentoring Program, PKPU tries to raise the awareness of saving money and managing family finance as a basis to build independence.

“Strengthening people like this should be done. It is because people only focus on family cost. They have not been thinking of long-term money saving,” Aditya (PKPU facilitator) stated.

PKPU encourages people to be aware of designing and planning the future in a good way. Through the culture of saving money and ability to manage family finance, people are expected to anticipate urgent needs and have economic defense when their small business is in trouble.

This event will be done until the mid of January 2017. Business Mentoring Program aims to make the participants independent and professional in business management.

Business Mentoring Program becomes #SolusiPeduli of PKPU Pekanbaru to improve the welfare of Badak Ujung people. (ADT/Gie)

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