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PKPU Encourages the Role of Parents to Shape the Characters of Children in the Digital Era amid Family

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

BANDUNG – “Have we become parents that our children miss?” The rhetorical question was delivered by a speaker Erlin Marliana brought 350 participants of seminar in silence.

On Wednesday (07/12) the National Humanitarian Institution PKPU Bandung, West Java held Parenting National Seminar themed “Shaping the Characters of Children in the Digital Era amid Family”. The event which was held at Rabbani Fashion building in Cimahi was packed by parents and teachers from various cities and regencies in West Java. Most of them are from the city of Cimahi and Bandung Barat regency.

Gadget era is prone to create children who feel popular in the cyber world. Although the technology has good effects, it also has bad effects for the children’s growth, attitude and health.

“Let’s spare our time with our children. Build communication and togetherness with them. Do not forget to keep praying too,” the seminar speaker Erlin Marliana said.  The mother of 7 who is active in various children care institutions said that happy children are usually close to their parents. She revealed a research that children aged 0-1 year who get affection from parents will become happy children.

Kiki Rejeki, head of PKPU Bandung said PKPU is concerned about the growth of children and family. It is shown by various programs such as Tabung Peduli charity program to shape social character for children. The fund from the program is allocated for various programs such as Building Inclusive Village (Education for Disabled Children), Inspiring School, School Renovation, Orphan Empowerment Program and scholarship for orphans with good academic performance through Inspiring Prayer Program and various independence training programs. “Now children are prone not only to be the actors, but also the victims,” he explained.

Muhammad Nur Awaludin, CEO Kakatu who became the second speaker, revealed his experience in the past who got addicted to online games and digital games. This addiction led him to various problems like lying, stealing, losing focus in study, getting caught in pornography access, gambling and even getting lost in the real world and the game world. “At that time, we did not look for pornography and porn action, but they came to our children unintentionally,” he explained.

Facing challenges in the digital era, he called for parents to give appreciation to children and invite parents to teach and accompany children to make them intelligent and tough. “If you live in the river bank, will you forbid them to play in the river or teach them to swim instead?” he concluded. (Fadsupp/Putri/PKPU)

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