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Care for Aceh Fundraising via Watching Football Match Together

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016

BALIKPAPAN – There are many ways to show care for others,  one of which was undertaken by the Alliance of Care for  Aceh earthquake in cooperation with PKPU Balikpapan and Balikpapan KAMMI by  holding  Fundraising via Watching Football Match Together on Wednesday (14/12) at PKPU office court yard  in Balikpapan.
The purpose of this event was to urge Balikpapan  people to care for fellow citizens   in Aceh. Kasman the  initiator of the event stated,

“We held this activity,   besides  watching  together the final of the AFF between Indonesia and Thailand we also held a fundraising event for the victims of the earthquake in Aceh. So in addition to our support for Indonesia in the finals we also did  not forget to continue to help our brothers/sisters in Aceh, because we Indonesians  are  one family. They are also our brothers/sisters. Hopefully, with this activity the  results from the fund-raising can be a little help of our brothers in Aceh “
In line with Kasman, Azwar a Padat Karya Balikpapan resident said he was  proud about what they did this time.
“I was  passing through here, there was a watching together  event, so I joined them, in fact they were also  raising funds for the victims of Aceh earthquake, I’m  proud to see those  young men who still care and held  this activity ” he said (Rohim / Putri / PKPU)

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