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Azzam, PKPU Hafidz Generation Memorizes 22 Juz

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

BALIKPAPAN – The young man who loves Al-Quran holy book named Muhammad Khoirul Azzam is a student of Rumah Tahfidz Ar Rahmah under the guidance of PKPU Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. After one year of studying, the young man who is usually called as Azzam has memorized 22 juz (sections). The first son of 3 siblings told PKPU team about his daily activities before studying at Rumah Tahfidz Ar Rahmah on Monday (30/1).

He used to be an ordinary young man who spent time using mobile phone. Then he found one hadits (words and deeds) of Prophet Muhammad SAW who explained that Al Quran will give syafaat (help) to anyone who read it. He was touched immediately. With support from his parents, Azzam gets determined to be closer to Al Quran. He did remember what his parents said; if you already had Al-Quran in your heart, you do not need to find other things.

Turning 20 years old, Azzam decided to memorize Al Qur’an. It was not late for him and his family to find a place for tahfidz (memorizing Quran) that could support him to become hafidz (Quran memorizer).

Azzam registered as a participant of PKPU Hafidz Generation Scholarship program. With his determination and commitment, Azzam was admitted to Rumah Tahfidz Ar Rahmah. Azzam has been studying at Rumah Tahfidz Ar Rahmah for a year. His recitation is increasing. Azzam has memorized 22 juz of Al Quran. His daily activities change. Now Al-Quran has entered his heart.

“Before studying at RTQ, I spent much time playing mobile phone. After joining RTQ, Alhamdulillah (thank God) my world feels like the world of Al-Quran. It feels like something missing if I do not read Al Quran even in a half day. Alhamdulillah, Allah eased my step to enter this Al Qur’an world through Tahfidz scholarship. I hope PKPU and the donors that realize my dream will get blessings and spirit to present Al Qur’an every day,” he revealed.

Azzam then gave tips to anyone who wants to memorize Al Quran.

“First, get determined to memorize Al Quran lillahi ta’ala. Then start to memorize verse by verse and the meaning because by knowing the meaning, it will make us easier to memorize,” he explained.

“Do not forget to memorize Al-Quran along with good attitude. Remember to repeat the recitation. Bear in mind that only by memorizing Al-Quran, Allah will make everything easier and our time will be more blessed. One more, keep istiqomah (consistent) to do it,” he added.

PKPU Human Initiative continues its commitment to produce Qur’an memorizer generation in an effort to improve the next generation of the nation and religion. (Fadhilur/Gie/PKPU)

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