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PKPU: Humanitarian Donation Keeps Flowing

9 January 2017

PEKANBARU – Humanitarian donation keeps flowing to PKPU Pekanbaru for earthquake victims in Pidie Jaya, Nangro Aceh Darussalam. School of Economy at Lancang Kuning University (Unilak) gave aid on Tuesday (3/1).

PKPU Pekanbaru Business Mentoring Strengthens Family’s Economy Defense

9 January 2017

PEKANBARU – PKPU held the 2nd Business Mentoring program on Monday, January 2, 2017. Carrying the theme “The Importance of Saving and Managing Family Income”, the event was held at Nur Hidayah Mosque in Badak Ujung, Hangtuah Ujung, Pekanbaru, Riau. It was held after 15 out of 20 people under guidance received fund of stage I from “PKPU Empowered Cluster” program.

PKPU – DRPM UI Hold Training for Posyandu cadres and early childhood teachers

22 December 2016

SUJUNG – Training activities for  Posyandu cadres and early childhood teachers is a strategy of PKPU and DRPM UI (Directorate for Research Service, University of Indonesia society) in the prevention of malnutrition among children under five in Sujung village (16/12). This training was  themed “Empowerment in  Malnutritional Prevention Through Nutrition Education Implementation and Utilization of […]

Care for Aceh Fundraising via Watching Football Match Together

22 December 2016

BALIKPAPAN – There are many ways to show care for others,  one of which was undertaken by the Alliance of Care for  Aceh earthquake in cooperation with PKPU Balikpapan and Balikpapan KAMMI by  holding  Fundraising via Watching Football Match Together on Wednesday (14/12) at PKPU office court yard  in Balikpapan. The purpose of this event was to […]

PKPU and UIN Syarif Hidayatullah hold health promotion action in Tenjo village

22 December 2016

PKPU and Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) held health promotion action in Tenjo village, West Java on Wednesday (7/12) at Posyandu Kaca Piring integrated health post. University students of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta held training of clean and healthy lifestyle attended by about 50 mothers of children under five in the areas under the guidance […]

PKPU Encourages the Role of Parents to Shape the Characters of Children in the Digital Era amid Family

22 December 2016

BANDUNG – “Have we become parents that our children miss?” The rhetorical question was delivered by a speaker Erlin Marliana brought 350 participants of seminar in silence. On Wednesday (07/12) the National Humanitarian Institution PKPU Bandung, West Java held Parenting National Seminar themed “Shaping the Characters of Children in the Digital Era amid Family”. The […]